Abraham Peace Gate

Abraham Peace Gate, The Symbol
of Reconciliation

“Pursuing peace requires our collective efforts to unite and build bridges; our fragile multipolar world was built by visionary people who dared to envision a clear roadmap where others saw dreams”

Jalal Nali
Through Abraham Peace Gate, we plan to create a turning point in which everything changes in favor of civil societies with a series of initiatives aimed at increasing academic and economic exchanges and involving established economic, academic actors, and civil society actors.

This monument aspires to show a complete impacting image of Israelis and Moroccans celebrating peace and sharing it with the world to change perceptions of the Middle East in the eyes of the world, while allowing neighboring countries to appreciate Israel’s unique qualities serve other values, such as promoting tolerance and dialogue and project a new image of a country consenting efforts to achieve peace and openness, especially to those that are hostile toward Israel.

The Abraham Peace Gate memorial will act as the starting point of an increased academic and economic exchange to follow thanks to the creation of two associations located in the two countries which will enable further steps forward to meet mutual aspirations.

How Did This Initiative
Come To Be?

Abraham Peace Accords, which the United States initiated and supported, brought together a group of signatories from different countries to set forth aspirations for civil societies to come together and build a new era of peace. Achieving this long-awaited peace dream has given rise to a vision in which all involved countries unite to build a shared and inclusive future for all those who share the same values and expectations.

Upon visiting Israel for the first time last December, I became astonished by the differences between how Israel is portrayed by the international media and how misleading the reports were about this young nation with firmly rooted secular traditions and history.

Israelis people are deeply passionate about their country and culture; as a result, I decided rather than simply writing about my experience, I was inspired to help promote the renewed Moroccan/Israeli alliance. Furthermore, many countries’ civil societies demonize civic actions that promote exchange and dialogue with Israel, omitting that Israel is undoubtedly an important regional player.

This initiative will undoubtedly help break taboos and open ways for more regional civil societies to follow this path, and change damaging misperceptions

About This Initiative Founder

Jalal Nali

Jalal Nali was born in Tangier (Kingdom of Morocco) in 1975. He is an independent researcher and book author about international affairs and public diplomacy strategies, and He is also an experienced PR professional.

Jalal’s perfect fluency in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, plus his passion for cultural travel and his firm belief that peace is the only path towards inclusiveness, freedom, and prosperity, Jalal nourishes the dream to see one day a peace initiative bringing all holy land religions together to build a better future.

When others promote the tree of differences, Mr. Nali pleads to encourage the forest of similarities hidden behind this tree of misunderstanding and division.

Jalal shares a dream with the silent majority that keeps a low profile in a world that needs our voices and actions to move forward and support all Abraham Accords’ efforts towards peace.

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Project Definition & Details

Abraham was chosen to serve as the unifying symbol of the three main monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; therefore, he is considered one of the most significant personalities in all of them.

The Memorial presents 27 representations of the 27 gates of the Old City of Jerusalem, which combine Jewish, Christian, and Islamic depictions that draw influence from imperial Moroccan architecture and no space hierarchy among the religions.

The Gate symbolizes “One World, One Humankind working together for peace.”

Abraham Peace Gate represents the definitive step to achieving a vision in which psychological barriers are overcome to enhance Israel’s integration in the surrounding region.

At a time when violence promoters are on the rise, we, the moderate silent majority, decided to pave the way and build bridges between civil societies, academia, and business people.

The initiative clearly outlines a well-structured vision for an inclusive region in which all countries can be accepted and understood, and perceptions will change when this memorial stands tall and proud.

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